First Day of Classes

Monday September 9th 

Halloween Celebrations

October 24th-October 30th

Costumes my be worn to class.


October 31 - Closed

Veterans Day

November 11th- Closed

Thanksgiving Recess
November 27th-30th -Closed

Holiday Recess
December 23rd-January 5th-Closed

Martin Luther King Day

Monday January 20th- Closed 

Winter Recess

February 17th-23rd- Closed 

Spring Recess
April 10th-17th- Closed 

Memorial Day Weekend
May 22nd-25th- Closed 

Picture Day

May 31st 


June 20th 

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Class Calendar

Turning Pointe Dance Center

  • The recital will be held at the Egg in the Hart Theater. Go to the Empire State Plaza.  The easiest place to park is in the parking garage labeled V for Visitors Lot. This lot costs $5.00 to park.
  • Once you park, take the elevator to the concourse. Once on the concourse, locate the next elevator. Take this one up to the Hart Theater.
  • Dressing rooms are behind the stage. We will have people out front to show you where to go. Dressing rooms will be labeled with names of dances, or when taking the elevator tell the attendant you are headed to the dressing rooms. If you have another guest with you they must go to the lobby and enter with their ticket from there.
  • We need a parent volunteer for each age group up to age 9 to sit in the audience with their class. Dancers will be able to sit in the audience before they perform and in between dances. They do not need to stay in the dressing rooms. Each class will have assigned seating in the audience so our backstage staff can easily find them. The dancers must sit in their assigned rows and cannot sit with their family.
  • If your child has costume changes and they need help, please make sure you go to the dressing room to help them change.
  • Please only get up in between dances; it is distracting to the dancers on stage and their families trying to enjoy their child’s performance.
  • NO parents will be allowed to watch any dances from backstage. You must go out to the audience to watch your child perform.
  • We will be selling snacks and drinks in the lobby but, please NO food and NO drink in the auditorium. There was a mess left last year in the theater and if that happens again we will not be allowed back.
  • We need to keep our intermission as close to 10 minutes as possible, so please use this time to get ready for your next dance if needed, and be ready to go either back stage or in your assigned seat by the end of intermission.
  • There are two shows. One will begin at 11:00 am and the other at 3:00pm. Please arrive and be ready to go at least 30 minutes prior to show time. Dressing rooms will open one hour prior to show time. The theater will open 30 minutes prior to show time.
  • Seating is first come, first serve. Please do not sit in the pit, these seats will be for teachers. The teachers also direct from the pit so we will most likely block anyone sitting behind us in the pit. There should be plenty of seating in the auditorium. 

If you have any questions, please make sure you ask them before June 16th. Recital day is extremely hectic for all of our teachers and staff; so please make sure you are all set before recital day. 

Recital Details

18 Hemlock Street, Latham, NY 12110      518.783.1800